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Cheer Battles is a new cheerleading head to head battle competition show. A field of 64 teams will compete to get to the finals where 4 teams will perform in front of Gabby Douglas to win the 5000.00 cash and prizes. 

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We are an independent media network.  This is all different type of media combined in one place, Music  Videos... Tv Shows.... Movies... Hip Hop Games Shows.... Reality Tv.....

Mini Series...Documentaries. and more. Created for Independent Music Artists and Actors, Film and Tv makers. Our Live Tv/On Demand channel is available on Roku, Android Tv and our Website.  Our On Demand Channel is available additionally on Amazon Fire Tv. Apple Tv Set Top Box and App in Google Play.

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"The Audition" is a new show for Independent Artists That will audition in front of a judges panels to win industry changing opportunities. They will go against other artists and the best act of the night will be crowned the winner.    Taking Submissions Now

 Next 2 Rise Spotlight is a show for independent artists of all genres. Artist get a in depth interview and get to perform live on the Real Hulk Soundstage on show while it airs to viewers in real time.  Its a live show show bring your A-game.. Filmed once Monthly.

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Is a new top 10 video countdown Tv show for independent artists.  We will play the top 10 videos of the week plus interview the number one artist of the week. We have a whose up next segment and Talk about the latest music news. Submit your video to be eligible today  Submit Now

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