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  • The Audition Tv Show

    Come out and audition for industry prizes
    Valid for one year
    • You will appear on 1 Episode of "The Audition" Tv Show
    • You will compete for opportunities to further you career.
    • You will get a 5 minute set to impress the judges.
    • Your Audition will be on tv for millions of viewers to see.
  • "The 64" Tv Show

    Best Music Video Competition on Tv.
    Valid for one year
    • You get 1 video slot on a season of "The 64".
    • You get a personalized Voting Flyer for your fans.
    • You get to compete for Cash and Prizes
    • Your Video gets played on tv for millions to watch.
  • Countdown Interview

    Perform and Get Interviewed on the new tv show The Countdown
    Valid for one year
    • You will appear live on the Tv show "The Countdown"
    • You get interviewed as our Spotlight Artist of the week
    • You will get to perform live on the Real Hulk Records Stage
    • Interview and Performance will be available 4 viewers to see
    • You will get a flyer to show your fans when it will air.
  • Music Video Sub.

    Submit your Music Video to be played on RTN
    Valid for 3 months
    • Your video will be placed on Rtn on demand section.
    • Your video will be place for 90 days on the network
    • If you video gets 100 watches per month it will be extended
    • Your video will be on Roku, Fire Tv and Apple Tv Set Top Box

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