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"The 64" renewed for season 2!!

With the Finally still yet to be filmed, the network has approved seasons 2 & 3 with a better set and visuals to go along with the show.. More live performances and even a celebrity edition of the 64..

"The 64"

The Recap of the Show

Hundreds of artists submitted Music videos in hopes of being picked for the field of 64 that would compete for 5,000.00 in cash and prizes. The 64 videos that were selected went head to head in a tournament bracket style competition. Over several episodes artists were knocked out by their competition to get where we stand now at the Top 4. Their was also a fan pick that we will bring back, 1 artist/video gets back into the competition in the final show of season.

How to Watch

There are several ways to watch "The 64" on RTN - RHE Tv Network. You can watch on Roku, Amazon Firetv/Stick and Apple Tv Set Top Box all for free. If you dont have any of those platforms dont worry you still can watch on for a subscription fee. App for Apple Iphone is in development and its already available in the Google Play Store.

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