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The Countdown Returns Feb. 18th

Start Voting for Your Favorite Videos Today

The new season of "The Countdown" is returning Friday at 8pm on Feb. 18, 2022. Your Favorite Hosts, Telli Stonemen and Jay Solstice are back for season two. The Countdown Voting opens today for season two. Each Time a viewer watches an Artist Music Video in our "On Demand" section counts as a vote and every vote on the voter's websites counts as a vote. The top ten with the combined total of views and votes will be in that weeks top ten. So, to keep your favorite artist or music videos on the show make sure you watch and vote.

Indie Artists its still time to submit you video to the network all you have to do is click here and choose one of the Music Video Submission Packages. If your video is currently on the network just have your fans, friends and family start voting for you today. To Subscribe to the channel click Here

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