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Come and Perform on Tv...

Get interviewed At RTN Studios and perform on the Real Hulk Sound Stage!!!

May 15, 2021 5pm est.

TV NETWORK Need artists to come to our TV station located in Chester PA and perform on Live Steam TV which will reach all of the United States and 20 other Counties we need artists of all types, bands, rapper, singers, dancers, comedies everything anything with talent so all artists will be interview live so we can get to know you, you will get 10 mins on stage in front of a live studio audience and since this is being live stream we will record your set so you will have something to go home with, we will also have independent and Major labels tune in looking for talent and every person that signs up with gets Free Slot on our next tour so if you like to perform cost is $100 you will need $50 down and $50 the day of the show so if you like to move forward text NEXT2RISE to 4436214200 and someone will get back to you

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