Two New shows Coming to RTN

3 New shows in development at RTN Studios (Looking for New Hosts)

The Label Concert Series

A new show is being created by RTN studios in conjunction with Real Hulk Soundstage to bring to music labels, new opportunities to showcase their artists and you the viewers, new music and talent to discover that you might not otherwise hear. The Label Concert Series will feature different music labels as they present their talented artists in a concert style performance on the Real Hulk Soundstage. Labels of different genres of music and from different parts of the country will come and perform their best music. All Music Genres will be welcome to participate in this show. The show will air weekly (Date and time to be announced later) and then to be placed in our "On Demand" Section. If you are a music label and want to be part of the "Label Concert Series" please email us at Fees will apply.

Also, if you are a solo artist, we have not forgotten about you, we are creating a new show for you as well. Rock the Mic (more info coming soon). But we will also be doing an Artist concert Series as well. If you like more info please email us at

Stand Up or Sit Down

As 2021 closes, 2 years in a pandemic and with a lot of sadness in the world over losing loved ones, friends, and "time" that we will never be able to get back. We here at RTN Studios wants to make you laugh and smile or at least give you a moment of peace with the art of comedy.

Stand Up or Sit Down will be a weekly comedy show improv style competition. Good, Bad, or Ugly each comedian will perform a set, and try to move further into the competition. Each show will have 3 contestants and the viewers will vote on who moves on to the finally. The Winner of Season one gets their own 30 min stand-up show that will be aired on RTN - RHE Tv Network then placed in our on-demand section for at least 1 year. Stand-Up or Sit-Down will be a 30 min comedy show that will be aired weekly. (Date and Time will be announced Later). If you are a comedian or know a comedian and would like to try-out for the show, email your info and a 1-minute clip of you doing stand-up to

RTN is looking for Interns in various positions from on camera personalities, videographers, video editors, sound techs and more. If you're interested in interning for a new and upcoming network here is your opportunity. Please email your resume too

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