Season Finale of RTN Original TV series “The Tour” Season 1 The Cheer Tour

Check out the first 7 episodes on Demond and marathon run on Sunday Jan 16th only on Rtn!

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The season finale episode 8 will air live at 8pm EST on Jan 23rd on RTN!

KS with M2P records and Telli Stonemen from Real Hulk Records, Were the perfect match for the tour…. Bringing high energy, excitement and innovative pop & R&B music to the cheer gyms across half the country

Every location brought new fans, more flips, and a great time……

Everyone wanted to dance, jump, and bounce around

there were lots of smiles lots of laughs…

it was truly something special….

The tour started off in Wildwood, Nj with a mega crowd down by beach……

Then Karaoke in Mississippi, to meeting a new indie artist in Alabama,

the music made and played helped touch new hearts and made everyone fall in love.

As the independent artists traveled to the different states and cities, they realized that “THE TOUR” was meant for them and THIS is where they should be!

Venturing to South Carolina with real Young Meme and Jc Phantom, then off to North Carolina for the 4th of July spectacular, the holiday gave us smoke, sparklers, fireworks, and a night to remember.

New Jersey brought more fun as Rejek tore up the show at Rockstar cheer then again for the Monmouth falcons.

Dayton Ohio took on its own super event by adding in Camille Tha Singer, An Open gym and a party feel where the athletes danced the night away before hitting unity cheer and then their final destination at Core Athletics in Rochester Ny

The Tour took KS and Telli on an adventure they could only dream of

But most importantly everyone loved the journey

Stay tuned for season 2 coming fall 2022!

All rights reserved M2P records and Real Hulk Ent.

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