June Tapping of "Next 2 Rise Spotlight"

June 12th will be the next tapping of the "Next 2 Rise Spotlight" Tv Show Slots still available.

Above at the May tapping of "Next 2 Rise Spotlight" Tv Show

June is here and we are getting ready to tape another edition of the "Next 2 Rise Spotlight" Show, Slots are still available... Here what you need to know...

1. On June 12th @ 2pm you get a live Interview and performance, you get a 5 min set in front of a live studio audience on the TV show Next2Rise Spotlight where your fans can watch in all 50 states and overseas live on our TV Network

2. June 12th @ 9 pm you get to perform a 7 min set on the Next2Rise/Real Hulk Showcase

3. You get a copy of the TV show and a copy of your 7 min performance upon request You will need to send a email with you stage name requesting that you would like you artist footage from 6/12. 4. You will get a Flyer to promote to your fans 5. You will get a free slot on the Ca$h Out Tour 6. One artist will get signed to our label and we will have 6 AnR watching you on TV from 5 major labels

7. A deposit of 50.00 will be need in advance to secure you spot on the show. Total cost $100.00 8. Your contact person is Bruce. The tv station number is 484-480-3609 office # (not a cell phone) All the artists will need to bring $50 which will cover you to get in both event's also the venue will charge your guest $20 to enter

Already Schedule to Appear on the Show.

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