New Shows Coming to RTN

The Benzino Show w/Valerie Red

Riley From Next2Rise Tour & Bruce from RTN sit-down with Benzino to create his new show!!!

The Production Meeting Setting up the Show.

The Benzino Show will be a podcast type of show with a lot of different elements to it. It will cover Todays Topics, Gossip, Food, Music and many other things.. Packed with Celebrity Guests, it will sure be something to keep you watching... Airing on RTN, Sony Hulk Radio and where you get all your favorite podcast. Coming in June 2021. (Schedule to be announced)

Cheer Battles - The Ultimate Cheer Competition

Cheer Battles will be a cheerleading competition show where 50 of the best cheerleading teams will go head to head match ups to they are down to the final four. Where a celebrity Guest judge will be selecting the winning squad. The winners get $5000.00, the team will appear in a Music Video and A chance to do a routine at the Independent Music Industry Awards... Signs up Start in June and competition will start in the fall.

Stay tuned as we also have still to debut "The Countdown" and "The Audition" coming this summer as well if you have not downloaded the channel now is the time to do so...

Click Link Icons below for your device......

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